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The sales process is hard. As a business owner, you spend your entire time doing it. Often wishing you were back, cutting code. If you are successful you might have a raft of sales people closing deals under their own process while your product people deliver under Agile. Your worlds are split and often, it breaks.

Change that. Apply Agile and Kanban to supercharge your sales team. Get your developers and scrum master in on the action. Unify your company.

Kavita has spent the last two years changing the global process of a leading Ad Agency while based in Delhi. Now at Fifty based in London and Barcelona she has created a unified Product and Sales team from scratch. Turning her work over the last 6 months into a case study, get a fresh of the presss step by step break down of hacking the sales process from both the CEO, developer and copy writer perspective. Kavita will be transparent about mistakes and the open about the recipe for success.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study


Case Study Background :

Founded in 2013 by a group of retail software developers Fifty had grown to a team of ten people successfully churning out fantastic new software products using pure agile and  word of mouth for sales. In the summer of 2014 the CEO brought in co-founder Kavita Kapoor to hack the product sales and marketing process. Setting the ambition to grow to a 'fifty' elite software team. 

Case Study The Challenge : Global vs Local

The core team spans London, Barcelona, Prague, Singapore and Delhi and clients span North America, Europe and China.  Yet the sales team was London centric. It needed to rapidly evolve. Span the communication challenges of federated product team and captalise on the oppertunity popping in differnt locations. In the talk Kavita will reveal why spoke and hub model and tradional salesforce weren't going to work. 

Case Study The Challenge : Rapid Growth 

In less than a year Fifty had gone from a single product retail solution to a multi sector multi product company smashing their own business plan. Like all start-up sales was the preserve of the leadership team. Kavita will discuss how at rapid growth rate sales has to scale and keep up with a productive product team aligned to an agile process.

Case Study The Challenge : Agile Envy   

The success of the first year trading and like all start-up's the energy around prefered technology needed to be harnessed. Kavita will discuss the skills set and structure and process envy that made rolling out Agile to sales a 'no brainer'

Case Study :  Implementation

Kavita constructed a roll out plan over 6 months and managed the process from a coffe shop in Leh, Ladakh and a remote island in Scotland. The Talk will break down the month by month plan and show how remote delivery actually benefitted the process.

Case Study : Cool Tools

The implementation reviewed several remote working tools. The Case Study covers the selection criteria and the structure of the final tool set, including Trelli, Slack and Bitrix.

Case Study : Success or Failure 

As you can imagine rolling out a new agile proces from Ladakh to London had its challenges. Kavita will give you run down on the 80% that worked and  20% is has been overhauled for 2015 Q1.

Case Study : Questions

Ask away and Kavita shall answer.

Learning Outcome

  • Practicle suggestions for changing your sales process
  • List of tools both for the agile process and for your more tradional sales person CRM
  • Adding to your vocabulary of change in a distributed organisation
  • Some of the basics of global Agile dev teams with a London centric sales team.
  • Overcoming 'Juggard' and quick fixes.

Target Audience

business leaders, start ups, product developers



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