When a religion is dead, it becomes ritualistic!

When we do rituals without sufficient understanding of the intent, it indicates something. Does Agile belong to that category now? 

This talk will cover my experience with lot of organizations and teams. 

The intention behind this talk is to re-emphasis the spirit of Agile mindset!



Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

Setting the context: What is Agile? Doing Agile vs Being Agile

- Rituals and religion

- Agile rituals 

- Who is killing Agile

- Intention based transformations

- Are we Agile enough to accept

- Q&A

Learning Outcome

Agile is not a collection of meeting or rituals

Agile mindset : How to enable that

Identify some death patterns of Agile

What can we do about it

Target Audience

Agile practitioners, Agile coaches, Leaders of agile enterprises



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