From Chaos to Clarity- Sustainable Test Practices for Continuous Delivery

In Agile Teams, Testing acts as a safety net and helps doing any kind of development and change seamlessly. The confidence when the Continuous delivery system give a Pass signal comes from the quality of the test . Test code lives as long as the code lives.

But strangely, though enough buzz  and importance is there on the continuous delivery, deployment and devops practices but some teams don't give equal priority to the deeper testing practices.

In this presentation Anish along with Rajith will explore the anti patterns of Agile Testing and provide overview about the Onion Layered Test Practice Map (Task, Story, Sprint, Release Level). Without good test practice and quality test, continuous delivery may only give false confidence.



Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

  • Overview about the Agile Testing
  • Some Anti Patterns of Agile Testing
    • Test is not everybody's responsibility
    • Dual Test Pyramid, Inverted Test Pyramid
    • Lack of Clean Test Coding Practices, False Alarms
    • Test Suite Organization and Orchestration in Deployment Pipeline
    • Automation Architecture not just tools
    • Test not designed for Infrastructure
    • No Explicit Hardening Phase
  • Agile Test Practice Map
    • Task Level
    • Story Level
    • Sprint Level
    • Release Level
  • Conclusion

Learning Outcome

  • Be constantly aware of the anti patterns of testing
  • Better Adoption of the Agile Test practice
  • Take the real benefits from the Continuous Delivery practices

Target Audience

Developers , Testers, Scrummasters

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