The setting up phase of DevOps is like the Opening Game in Chess. A good opening can give us advantage for the remaining games. As in chess, there are "book moves" in the Opening Game of DevOps that may be played to our advantage.

Based on my experience in setting up DevOps in an overseas eCommerce platform project with world wide deployment, I will be sharing these book moves as aphorisms in each of the three stages of the build pipeline.

Some of these good practices will be demonstrated in GitHub using some open source projects and the CI tools used in Git Hub.

In the concluding part, we will look at some conventional traps which may hindering the devops in your project context to deliver on its promise and consider some alternatives which we have discussed in the earlier part of the session.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

Discuss the good practices in the 3 stages of the build pipeline.

Demonstrate some of the aphorisms using open source examples and CI from GitHub

Conclusion by realising some conventional traps and alternatives

Learning Outcome

How to play the opening game of DevOps to your advantage?

Target Audience

Developers, Testers, DevOps, project leaders, any one


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