Lead Yourself First with Responsibility

Every guru, philosopher, and management leader out there says the first step to Leadership is taking Responsibility.  But none of them tell you how!  We will explore the research-driven approach that provides clear steps on how to take Responsibility in any situation – work, home, or life.


This Workshop is targeted to all team members who wish to explore and expand their Leadership capabilities.  While initially believed to be targeted at managers and those in “leading” roles or positions, it will become clear that anyone can exhibit leadership, regardless of their role, by demonstrating responsibility in their own actions.



Outline/Structure of the Workshop

I’ll start with a game to introduce a challenge where I’ll be looking for coping mechanisms expressed during the challenge.  I’ll comment on those mechanisms, just to raise the level of awareness in the group, then go on to explain the process model and end with some case studies to allow the group to put it into practice.

Short introduction, then introduce the challenge and explain the rules.  Audience self-organizes into teams/groups, and then works through the challenge according to the instructions.  25 – 30 mins.

Brief review of their accomplishments and bringing awareness to the coping mechanisms expressed during the challenge.  5 mins

Introduction and explanation of The Responsibility Process, 3 Keys, and Power/Control cycle.  10 - 15 mins

Review case studies, and apply learning to the case studies. 10 - 15 mins.

Wrapup/close workshop. 3 mins.

Total: 55 – 70 mins.


I use the Marshmallow Challenge as the setting to create stress and note coping mechanisms.  See http://marshmallowchallenge.com/Instructions.html



Learning Outcome

You will leave with tools and exercise you can use on an ongoing basis to continually improve your ability to take and teach ownership behavior.

Understand and explain the essential role of ownership behavior (i.e., personal responsibility) in agile teams.

Understand why an agile coach would want to demonstrate, inspire, and teach ownership behavior.

Understand and practice the 3 Keys to Responsibility for unlocking and mastering the Responsibility Process.


Target Audience


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