The success of Agile development with relatively small teams, has got software enterprises looking at using Agile for their enterprise size teams. This scale up of the agile development was first comprehensively addressed as Scaling Agile For enterprise or SAFe. Recently, scrum camp tried to address this as Scrum at Scale. Both of these approaches provide a decent framework for integrating product backlog with release train.

However the key aspect of scaling agile is transformation of the teams. This transformation has multiple aspects - team size, team re-composition, retraining and most importantly team attitude.

So while the enterprise team is retrained into scalable framework, the journey of the team to be transformed to Agile as an attitude must be addressed. In Transform Team to Agile (TEA), while we provide an enterprise scalable agile framework, we bring out team transformation framework! This talk captures experiences from transformation from waterfall thinking to Agility.

It also brings out that it is not agile that needs to be scaled for enterprise, but it is really the enterprise that needs to be transformed to be agile!


Outline/Structure of the Keynote


Scaling Agile?

Elements needing transformation

Transforming Enterprise 

Before Starting Transformation


Learning Outcome

Scaling is Transforming !

Target Audience

Those Looking to Transform their team to An Agile Enterprise!

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