Tale of two agile projects, by comparing backlog metrics

By utilizing existing data of the backlog, what kinds of metrics can be created in order to reveal the different dynamics of the two different projects. The rhythm of the new items and their resolving relates can be seen to relate to the actual project schedules. The backlog analysis can also visualize the type of the project: is it more traditional software development project (project A) or more support and maintenance oriented (project B).


Note! This is a sample proposal for getting feedback on the topic - cannot give the presentation on-site due to other tasks.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

1. Background and description of basic setup of the two case projects

2. Generating the metrics

3. Comparing the metrics between the two projects

3. Takeaways

Learning Outcome

After this brief session users will have more tools to evaluate their progress by the data provided by the backlog. The metrics also can help in evaluating between different kinds of projects and act as a discussion tool for the team to find possible improvements.

Target Audience

Scrum masters, product owners, agile people in academia


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Public Feedback

    • Thushara Wijewardena

      Thushara Wijewardena / Tor-Morten Grønli - Bootstrapping Agile Software Development Projects in Outsourcing organizations

      20 Mins
      Original Research

      The use of software development methods has changed many times up history. Since the early 2000 the Agile methods have been dominating the arena and have been investigated in several aspects regarding failures, success and critical success factors.
      When it comes to Enterprise Software development, outsourcing plays a major part. It has become almost a norm in the world during last fifteen years. Research show that, during last few years outsourcing software development organizations have made a tremendous effort to gain advantage of agile methods and practices.

      Most the software outsourcing organizations today carryout various projects in cross-cultural, cross regional and cross-company context. The practitioners argue that use of one agile process or template across projects does not work in such organizations. Still, due to scaling, training and other business and operational requirements of outsourcing companies, we see that there is a trend of bootstrapping agile projects in such organizations.

      We will in this paper share our findings from investigating cross-cultural, cross-regional and cross-company projects in terms of critical success factors for bootstrapping agile projects in outsourcing companies. We will discuss the success and failures of bootstrapping agile projects in this context. Through quantitative data gathered from projects conducted, combined with qualitative data from interviews with developers and key staff from project management, we shed light on an less emphasized, but highly crucial, part of agile project management.