Knowledge Era Paradigms - Fundamental Rationale behind Agile

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In our coaching/consulting engagements we notice that when organizations embark on Agile transformation, typically they focus on the mechanics, ceremonies, tools - addressing 'what' to do and 'how' to do. There is less focus on 'why' certain practices should be done - the fundamental rationale behind Agile. Without understanding the rationale, instead of applying the Agile Principles & Values in the right context, organizations tend to make it a prescriptive process. Such Agile implementations are sub-optimal, often counter-productive, as true culture change does not happen.

This talk brings focus on 'why' aspects of Agile - fundamental rationale behind Agile. It shows how the traditional software production was influenced by the Industrial Era thinking, the changes needed in Knowledge Era context and how Agile provides the scaffolding to build true Knowledge Enterprises. 



Outline/Structure of the Talk

The talk covers the following topics (please see the presentation for details):

- Characteristics & contrasts of Industrial Era businesses & Knowledge Era businesses

- Five key paradigm shifts in Knowledge Era:

  - From Repeatable Processes to Contextual Processes

  - From Process-driven to Principle-driven practices

  - From 'Touch time' of tools to 'touch time' of minds

  - From Supervised to Self-managed individuals & teams

  - From Measuring to Sensing

The talk is interactive with provocative questions & exercises. 


Learning Outcome

The talk drives home the understanding of software production being very human-centric & knowledge-driven and how the engineering & management practices need to incorporate these aspects. It helps the practitioners, managers & leaders to apply Agile in true spirit and make the culture change faster & long lasting. 

Target Audience

Practitioners, Managers, Leaders



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