The invisible, intangible bottom of the DevOps Iceberg

It’s a known fact that only 10% of the iceberg is visible and 90% is submerged & not so visible; what moves the iceberg is not the externally visible winds, but the subtle undercurrents beneath the surface. Similarly more than the hard, visible aspects like processes & tools, what makes or breaks DevOps is the soft aspects of people, leadership & culture, like self-organizing teams, collaboration across the organization at all levels & servant leadership. The talk elucidates some of the critical success factors in these areas while adopting DevOps.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The talk starts with the iceberg metaphor and draws analogy with the soft aspects in DevOps. It deals with 3 critical success factors for DevOps culture in an organization - Self-organizing teams, Cross-functional collaboration and Servant Leadership.  The talk addresses the challenges of creating such a culture and provides certain inputs on addressing them. The talk also addresses the culture change management at organizational level and the behavior changes right from leadership level to all the levels. 

Learning Outcome

Beyond the practices & tools aspects, the participants will be able to get insight into the significance of leadership/culture/soft aspects in DevOps adoption and learn approaches to improve them, thus make DevOps a more successful contributor to business outcomes. 

Target Audience

Practitioners, Managers, Leaders


schedule Submitted 7 years ago