Test Management Challenges and Mitigations in Agile Scrum Methodology

in the current economic conditions many organizations strive to continue the trend towards adopting

agile processes to get the benefits like quicker return on investment, better software quality, and higher customer

satisfaction. Since the beginning of the current world financial crisis many technology-driven companies have

suffered the effects, being forced to lay off people or drastically diminish costs (Wauter, 2009). The survival of the

company itself becomes dependant of the time-to-market, deliver on time to the customer and minimize costs. As a

result, many organizations are now aspiring to adopt agile practices. In this process, agile testing became a big

challenge and the reasons are many which include mindset of the stakeholders, level of the documentation at the

beginning, process setup, continuous integration set up, metrics, accepting criteria, developers to tester ratio and

the tracking of the test life cycle. This paper highlights the major challenges, root causes, solutions and best

practices to be a successful agile tester which essentially leads to benefits of agile scrum testing. Also there is a

focus on agile scrum metrics which are vital in measuring the agile testing performance.



Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduction, Scrum Model, Agile Testing challenges, Root causes, Test Process, Best Practices, test metrics, Pros & Cons, Conclusion

Learning Outcome

Understanding the agile testing challenges and their mitigation strategies


Target Audience

Agile project managers, Scrum Masters, Agile test managers, Agile team members

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