A practical, hands-on, guide to accelerating Agile projects with Goldratt's Theory of Constraints (TOC)

In 1984 Eli Goldratt's business novel, "The Goal", introduced a counter-intuitive, yet simple and outstandingly profitable, manufacturing technique to the world.  That technique is now used by the majority of the world's largest manufacturers and "The Goal" is 1 of only 3 mandatory readings for all managers at Amazon.com.   

This session, run by Clarke Ching, an expert in apply Goldratt's techniques to software development projects, and author of Rolling Rocks Downhill, also a business novel, shows how to apply the lessons from "The Goal" to accelerate Agile projects, large and small.

It covers:

  • finding your project's constraint
  • managing your project's constraint
  • finding your business's constraint
  • strategic prioritization wrt your constraint(s)
  • demand driven development (based on Zara clothing company's unique business model)
  • how to deliver project's on time (making "slam dunk" promises using Critical Chain techniques).

This is a commercially focused, rather than technical, workshop, where the goal is to make your business more profitable.


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

This is a 4 part workshop 

  • TOC, Agile and bottlenecks - How to run faster.
  • Cherrypicking Critical Chain Project Management - How to deliver on time, or early.
  • Strategic Sacrifice and Partnering - the secret sauce.
  • Show me the money - How to make more money using all of the above!

Learning Outcome

How to 

  1. deliver more projects
  2. deliver projects on time, or early
  3. make more money

Target Audience


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