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Its been a long journey for Agile in Product Development or support areas. There are well established organizations where the usage of Agile has been remarkable and Orbitz is one of those places.
Why don’t we hear as much in the BI space when it comes to Agile? This is probably attributed to the ad-hoc nature of BI projects and fluid nature of End Goals. We over the last few years tried to change this perception and leverage the goodness and effectiveness of being Agile in the BI space. BI is so vast that there are different areas where you can bring in the principles and process of Agile. We are incorporating XP, Scrum and Kanban principles to transform the way we do development and support our businesses. We were also successful in incorporating CI within the BI area using tools such as Jenkins, Stash and Git.
Broadly classifying the BI projects either into Migration or New Development, we could categorize the Characteristics and Challenges faced in BI projects in terms of Business Stakeholders, Budget, Team Composition, Know-How and Execution time. Based on these factors, identifying the right framework of Agile was the key. This helped in zeroing on tools, techniques, methods etc of Agile philosophy and enabled successful completion of projects.

Outline/Structure of the Case Study

The talk is going to focus on how we as an organization moved towards Agile in the Large and how BI/DWH was a late addition to this path and eventually how we adapted, evangelized and leveraged Agile principles to execute.  Finally we would be covering the most recent phase of how we incorporated CI with the BI/DWH development teams.


  1. Agile Philosophy
  2. Agile in App World
  3. Agile in BI
  4. Learnings and Overlap from different Case Studies
  5. Success Stories


Learning Outcome

The case study should show the possibilities of being an Agile organization with the BI/DWH group and also should provide a baseline to incorporate the CI and CD features within BI.

Target Audience

Leaders and developers in the BI/DWH space


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