The High of Release: Professional DevOps with Visual Studio 2015 Build & Release

Dive into the capabilities of the new Build and Release system in Visual Studio Online (and TFS 2015) and see how to create and configure a professional release pipeline for your software or platform. Leveraging open source tools, PowerShell, and shell script, you can deploy any software to any platform with the new tools from Microsoft.


Come and see Martin show you how to build, deploy, and release software with Visual Studio Online.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

Deep dive into the full capabilities of Build and Release.

Learning Outcome

Attendees should gain an understanding of the full capabilities and extension points of the new VSO & TFS build and release system.

Target Audience

DevOps, Developers, Testers

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  • Jeronimo Palacios

    Jeronimo Palacios - Nexus: Scaled Scrum is still Scrum

    45 Mins

    In 1995, Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber introduced Scrum, today the most popular Agile methodology, according to every Agile report. 

    20 years later, that same collaboration, led by, produced Nexus, the proposal from the Scrum creators to Scale Scrum in large Software development initiatives that include hundreds of people. 

    Over 45 minutes, we'll explore the Nexus framework, its artefacts and roles, as well as some practices, differences and similarities between Scrum and Nexus. The underlying philosophy will be displayed and discussed. 

    We'll also take a look at real organisations already using Nexus to scale their software development efforts using the Scaled Professional Scrum program from to transform their product development

    Resources: Nexus is free and available for download on