Effective Risk Management to help :: Run DevOps Marathon

The rationale which is normally heard to opt for Agile transformation is

- High predictability of result

- Higher productivity


The failure rate of software projects in waterfall was always very high. Industry started moving towards Agile and its variants.

What does Agile do? It makes team work in model to reduce uncertainty and increase probability of success. The way a team reacts to Risks shows it appetite to respond take failures.

Now since we all know about agile and its working philosophy, the time is to optimize the key areas to get effective results.

Effect Risk Management is what I would like to talk. I would like  to share a model which we have used in variety of projects over last 5 years and has really helped us.


Risk Management in Agile and DevOps

- Continues process.

- The outcome of all rituals is identification of risks [Daily Stand ups, Planning mts, Retrospectives]

- How through this tools, we converted Risks into impediments wherever required and helped add certainty to Risk

- Leadership teams primary role was Impediment removal and Risk identification

Risk tracking is equally important like User Story tracking and closure. We normally tend to overlook this and add Risk to overall project success.


I shall share a mindset, how we should always be on look out for Risk and work towards its mitigation.


"If you don't invest in Risk Management, then does not matter which business you are doing, it is a risky business"





Outline/Structure of the Talk

Session Outline

- Agile and DevOps Project - How they are equal to a marathon. We need to be trained and equipped to run through the complete track

- Why risk Management important in agile

- Continuous Risk identification, qualification, quantification, mitigation process

- Leadership role in Risk Management

- It is important for leadership to each breathe and think Risk for a successful delivery

- Show success metrics and examples how Risk Management helped being prepared to handle crisis

- How it is very critical for DevOps and continuous integration environment.

- Not only delivery team, even support teams to be involved in Risks for overall success (HR, Finance, IT)


Learning Outcome

- Do proper Risk planning and execution

- Culture change to work everyday with a mindset to manage Risks efficiently

- Sharing hands on experience on tools used and its benefit

Target Audience

Managers, Scrum MAsters, Product owners



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