You've heard that quality belongs to everybody on an Agile team. You've heard that testers and developers should "collaborate" in order to drive quality higher. You've heard that automated tests help a team continuously validate the quality. It's time to stop thinking about it! It's time to stop talking about it! It's time to make it happen! 

Watch Ardi and Cheezy do this in front of your eyes. They will build a web application driven by acceptance and unit tests.You will see how a Product Owner, Tester and Developer will create executable User stories, develop the code to validate these stories and refactor along the way. At the end, you will get a taste of what a Continuos Delivery pipeline looks like. Prepare to collect your jaws from the floor!


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

We will be developing a web application live in front of the audience.  First of all we will introduce the idea of acceptance test driven development, how the stories are elaborated by the team and product owner, and then talk about the application we will build.  We start with a few acceptance criteria and then Ardita will automate that criteria using Cucumber.  As she is completing some of the tests, Cheezy will run those tests against the application and use test driven development to make those tests pass.  In the end the audience will see the finished application.  At the end of the talk the idea of continuous deliver is explored and how these practices are used in that context.

Learning Outcome

The audience will be exposed to ATDD, TDD, and very close collaboration between product owner, tester, and developer.  The will see what happens when the entire team focuses on quality.  Finally, the will get a sense of how these practices fit into a continuous delivery development approach.

Target Audience

Developers, Testers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters

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