Want to understand how NOT to do Pair programming? Attend this session to see some funny examples of the same.

Pair Programming is to programming in the same way as Object Oriented Programming is to... well.. eh.. programming!  Any agile startup which does not encourage Pair programming is referred to as by "stone age" startups by developer groups.  And, the fact is that these developer groups are not fringe groups.

While there are a lot of guides to tell a beginner how to do pair programming, it is very easy to get a wrong understanding of Pair Programming.  This session helps you understand nuances of pair programming by telling how NOT to do it.

Audience will be presented situations (a comic strip, a code block, a conversation, etc) and will be asked to spot what is wrong with each of those situations.

The summary will present ten things(that the audience found out from situations) that are not to be done during Pair programming.



Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Introduction - 3 mins
  2. Definition of Pair Programming - 3 mins
  3. 10 Situations & Analysis - 3 minutes each = 30 mins
  4. Summary - 4 mins
  5. Q & A - 5 mins

Learning Outcome

The audience will leave the session with an understanding of common mistakes while doing pair programming.

Target Audience

Developers, Scrum Masters

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