location_city Bengaluru schedule Mar 18th 10:30 - 11:15 AM IST place Grand Ballroom

Continuous Delivery is a amazing practice when compared to slower release cycles. But it shouldn't be the end goal. Continuous Deployment, safe automatic deployment of frequent small commits, is the next step. To get to a fully automatic release process the way that your team writes and releases features will need to fundamentally change. The tools, learnings and techniques presented will be widely applicable regardless of how far along adopting continuous practices you are.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

  1. Defining Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment
  2. Why Continuous Delivery is a bad place to stop
  3. Key Continuous Deployment Insights
    1. Automated release is REALLY important
    2. Safety First
    3. Never branch
    4. Sustained investment in automated testing
    5. You can go back and fix it
    6. No one feels ready or safe on day #1
  4. Predictions for the future

Learning Outcome

Learn the difference between Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery.

Learn about the pitfalls of stopping at Continuous Delivery.

Learn what to do to deploy safer and faster and why.

Target Audience

Engineering, DevOps, QA, Product Managers


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