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After a whole century of Tayloristic management of hierarchical and bureaucratic organisations, it's time to evolve farther.

Let's learn how to have leadership and competences emerge, to let merit really count and be a compass for the entire group. Let's allow our ancient ability to behave as a unique organism to show its effectiveness in complexity, instead of trying to fit within mechanistic organisational rules. 

The time has come for adaptive organisations to evolve how we perceive and live work. This is the time for liquid organisations to show how principles can be the only "boss" in the governance of human systems, decisions can be taken damn close to their application point, systemic learning can happen in fast and continuous iterations. This is what LiquidO is all about.

All this can be done. We have been doing it for years now. It works amazingly well. Come and see how.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

In a full day workshop it is possible not only to understand and discuss LiquidO in depth. There is also time to play with its pillars, directly experimenting how they work. 

We'll be practising what we preach, talking after experiencing, in briefing-experience-discuss-learn lean cycles throughout the whole day:

  • Adaptive organisation principles.
  • The Collaborative Working Board pillar of LiquidO.
  • The Contribution Accounting pillar of LiquidO.
  • The Collaborative Decision Making pillar of LiquidO.
  • The Reputation Tracing pillar of LiquidO.
  • How to put LiquidO in practice in your organisation.

Learning Outcome

We'll have at least the following learning outcomes:

  • What the hell is LiquidO, and why you should care.
  • When it is good to consider adopting LiquidO, and when it is not.
  • How it works as an integrated open and lean platform for the governance of human systems.
  • What is strategical agility and how it can be implemented.
  • How each of the 4 pillars of LiquidO work in depth.
  • Where to start in the implementation of LiquidO in your organisation.

Target Audience

Anybody leading a group of people (up to the entire company) that has to perform in situations of high complexity and variability.


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