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Scrum, XP, and Kanban are familiar agile methods. Now in the second decade of their adoption, agile methods continue to help organizations worldwide respond to change and shorten the time to deliver value. An overwhelming 88 percent of executives cite organizational agility as key to global success. So, in recent years, many have begun scaling their early agile adoptions beyond individual teams to programs, portfolios, and the enterprise. Even though today’s scaling techniques are not yet fully understood, new scaling frameworks continue to emerge. Join Sanjiv Augustine to explore this exciting area and discover approaches to scale agile in a way that makes the best sense for your organization. Learn about scaling frameworks including the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS), as well as the simple Scrum-of-Scrums meeting. Join Sanjiv to explore how you can develop a straightforward scaling strategy for your organization.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1.Why Scale Agile?

2.How Do I JumpStart Scaling?

  • 1.Overview
  • 2.Assess
  • 3.Align
  • 4.Accelerate

3.Reflect and Progress

4.Summary & Next Steps

Learning Outcome

Attendees will learn how to develop a straightforward scaling strategy for their organization.

Target Audience

Executive, PMO


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  • Sanjiv Augustine

    Sanjiv Augustine - The Joy of Agile Work: Managing Performance and Sparking Innovation

    Sanjiv Augustine
    Sanjiv Augustine
    LitheSpeed LLC
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    45 Mins

    Do you find your work exciting and fulfilling? Is your team rewarded for finding better ways to work? While many organizations have adopted Agile approaches at a project level, few have effectively aligned their HR processes with Agile values, or made finding better ways of working a truly rewarding and exciting proposition for their teams. With a new generation of employees who are interested equally in purpose as in profit, it is imperative that we revisit schemes like the 3600 annual review, and recognize not only their limitations, but also the damage they cause to individual morale and team productivity.

    Join Sanjiv to explore the subject of creating a holistic performance management system that not only adheres to Agile principles, but actively promotes individual drive and team innovation. Learn how delink merit pay from feedback, the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation; and how to create a “flow state” on your agile teams to enhance performance and spark innovation.