The role of a business analyst has evolved over last two decades significantly, today we see specific role of business analyst in many organization. Business analysis is central to the success of agile projects. We all understand requirements elicitation, documentation, management, communication is important. Most of the project fail / or delivered with reduced scope because of inadequate requirements and communication.

The way business analysis is performed in agile project is different. This presentation is to provide overview of Business Analysis in agile projects.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • What is Business Analysis?
  • Role of a business analyst in agile
  • Agile principles and business analysis
  • Principles of agile business analysis
  • Agile perspective of business analysis

Learning Outcome

After attending this session -

  • Understand business analysis practice and role of a business analyst.
  • Understand agile perspective of business analysis.
  • Understand only user story is not enough, other requirements models are required to see big picture.

Target Audience

Product Owner, Business Analyst, Project Managers


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