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This workshop will take the participants through an exciting journey of leadership that adopted scrum as the core philosophy to its glory to organizational agility. 

The journey begins like an ordinary one with teams adopting to scrum. But eventually it takes a turn to impact orgnaizational boundaries, gets the touchpoints with organizational values, philosophies and becomes a strategic enabler. 

The journey starts from getting scrum into the organization as an alternate to traditional product development patterns. Then the journey becomes rough ride for the organization due to organizational boundaries. Along the rollercoster ride, the leadership realizes the power of scrum as a tool for effective decision making, leadership showcase and eventually a strategic enabler. 

This workshop will share the journey line, leadership conundrum, organizational values and value mapping/amalgamation, and finally the sacrifices behind the achievements.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

First 30 minutes - Review of Leadership Journey Line - Presentation model

Second 45 minutes - 3 Group Exercises each 15 minutes - covering crossing organizational boundary, organizational values amalgamation tying business outcomes to agility

Last 15 minutes - Lessons Learnt, Next steps. Closure.

Learning Outcome

1. How agile can grow into cross organizational boundaries

2. How agile becomes a enabler for organizational strategies

3. How leadership can make use of agile to their success outcomes

Target Audience

Enterprise agile leaders, executives, CEOs, CFOs, VPs, CoE Heads


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  • Sekhar Burra

    Sekhar Burra - Raising the Bar: Being a true influential agile leader

    Sekhar Burra
    Sekhar Burra
    schedule 6 years ago
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    90 Mins

    This is a nurturing workshop for Agile Managers to become effective influential servant leaders, to support enterprise agility.

    This is a workshop for Agile Managers and above to help them shed the command and control behavior and be more of a facilitator and coach for their teams. At the end of this workshop, the participants will understand and appreciate the insights and techniques of being an Agile influential leader. The participants also walk out with a concrete action plan on how they support the agile teams and organization. The whole workshop runs on the technique of asking powerful questions to the participants, thus making them think towards the path of self-discovery.

    The number of participants for this session are limited 20-25

  • Subramanian N

    Subramanian N / Amey Gokhale - Enhancing Client experience through Agile & Design Thinking

    60 Mins

    Design thinking a user-centered concept is being adapted by an increasing number of organizations to boost their output of innovative products and services in order to gain a competitive edge on the market. This paper presents a project that has been taken from conceptualization to design and execution by consciously modeling the development and test process based on Design Thinking and Agile principles. The success of integrating Design Thinking with the Agile approach enabled re-thinking everything we do from the standpoint of our clients, and intentionally designing products and delivering the product.

    The team knew from the onset that the focus of this project was about understanding customer needs & challenges, and creatively finding the best solutions to meet those needs. Design Thinking set the tone for both Development and Quality, as the team empathizes with users through observation and feedback early in the design cycle to build the best possible prototype, and then expects to learn and iterate through testing. The challenge was broken down in steps of understand, explore, prototype and test the problem and solution, and then repeat as necessary.

    This paper will focus how Design Thinking and Agile principles that helped the team to overcome the challenges and its impact for driving a cultural change.