"Every situation can be substantially improved; even the sky is not the limit." - using ToC to build unicorns and break status quo of offshore development


At uCreate we try to build successful "startups" - companies that operates in the space of huge business, technology and market uncertainty - but are the dream of every VC and entrepreneur. Companies that are not sure about their market fit, their product vision, their value or if there are any real customers willing to use and pay for their products. 

Our customers, include early startup owners who usually have just THE IDEA in their head and a big vision for the future. They strongly believe in the vision and purpose. We love their charisma, passion and look at the world where anything is possible. They don't like what they currently experience in the world and they want to change it. We share their big dreams and we share every step of their journey. We take a view that there are "no bad" ideas, but there are plenty that are never going to see the light of the day due to all issues facing new business owners. We are here to remove those constraints, issues and bottlenecks.

To do that we follow two very simple rules. We believe that "every situation can be substantially improved; even the sky is not the limit" and that transparency in bringing bad news early is crucial to business growth and survival

We would like to share our journey that took uCreate from tiny team in London and Chandigarh working on simple Wordpress websites using large documentation documents to company driven by Theory of Constraints, building lean startups, search daily for project bottlenecks and use modern management methodologies including Kanban, lean and socrates thinking to help our customers and our team members. We will also share our progress in dance and guitar lessons taken by our team members, we will show how we work hard and still achieve full life. We want to persuade you to fall in love with conflicts and how to find creative solutions to fix them. We will share our transformation in our technical abilities, understanding of business process and view of the world. We will present how we use Theory of Constraints to find bottlenecks in our projects and what we do about them. We will prove that simplicity can be found in any situation. You just need to ask the right questions to explore it and deliver an Eureka moment! 

We hope to prove that any situation can be substantially improved no matter what is your starting position and circumstances.






Outline/Structure of the Talk


Tough beginnings

Lets meet and our approach

  • "One, people are good."  - to team up or not to team up
  • "Two, every conflict can be removed." - Evaporating clouds as a creative solution
  • "Three, every situation, no matter how complex it initially looks, is exceedingly simple."  - How to make everything simple
  • "Four, every situation can be substantially improved; even the sky is not the limit." -  Where are we now and where are we going 
  • "Five, every person can reach a full life " - how we dance, play guitar and learn how to talk in public

Where are we now ?

Where are we going ?



Learning Outcome

Lets see if Socrates questioning method and ToC way of thinking can be implemented at a conference. We will try to share our experiences but present them in a way of asking correct questions and not just telling what we think worked for us.

You will learn about:

Beginners and Advanced knowledge in regards to ToC

Creative ways to resolve conflicts using ToC concepts

How to build great teams by searching for weakest links 

What are the expectations of UK entrepreneurs in regards to their startups and how we are trying to help build a "unicorn"

A new way to approach you team, coach them and search for better solutions in agile/lean environment


Target Audience

CTO, CEO, agile team members, people interested in ToC and Lean

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