Getting2Alpha: Build your MVP faster and smarter with Game Thinking

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Do you have a hot idea and a burning desire to build it? Do you want to unlock the secrets of Game Thinking, and turn your product vision into a simple, engaging, high-learning MVP (minimum viable product)? 

In this fast-paced design workshop, you will learn how to use Game Thinking to build a product that people love - and come back to, again and again. Get ready to:

  • Find out who your Early Customers REALLY are --> and work with them to set yourself up for mass-market success
  • Apply insights, techniques and advice from breakthrough games to create a deeply-engaging product experience
  • Turbo-charge your product design and development with expert instruction and time-saving tools
  • Make real progress on your product design and strategy during this lively day-long session

If you're a product owner, leader, manager, designer, researcher, or builder, this workshop is for you. You'll learn actionable techniques that you can use right away to accelerate your progress -- and you'll discover why simple gamification usually fails, and what to use INSTEAD for creating a truly engaging experience.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop


What REALLY makes games so engaging?


Create a compelling core experience


Social Actions are the heart of engagement
TEMPLATE: Social Action Matrix


Sketch your end-to-end Customer Narrative  
TEMPLATE: Customer Narrative Sketch


Design your skill-building Core Loop
TEMPLATE: Core Loop Design


Engage your customers with a path to mastery


Onboard newcomers with small, achievable goals
TEMPLATE: Onboarding Goals


Re-engage regulars with content, connections & committments
TEMPLATE: Habit-building Goals


Empower experts with exclusive roles, powers & privileges
TEMPLATE: Mastery Goals

Learning Outcome

in this session you will learn how to:

  • design a simple yet compelling MVP by using Game Thinking.
  • speed up your product development process and dramatically improve your innovation outcomes.
  • find EXACTLY the right customers to test your idea on.
  • drive long-term engagement for your product, game or service


Target Audience

product owners, product managers, designers, design leads, researchers, builders, CEO, startup founder



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