DevOps is a trending buzz word. What is DevOps all about? DevOps is not just another name for infrastructure automation or system administration. It is a lot more.

DevOps is about getting your development to delivery process done right. DevOps is more of a methodology than a tool chain. DevOps lets you leverage technology to build innovative business solutions.

DevOps helps you build better software, software which can guarantee a long term survival in the unknown future world - it helps you adopt changes by following the Agile methodology.

DevOps space is the most dynamic today with hundreds of new tools being talked about everyday. The debate has shifted from "Do we really need DevOps" to "How can I do it right?"

I have contributed to development of DevOps tools, to operations and also in DevOps consultation to a wide range of clients where I got to see the real use cases of how DevOps needs to be adopted!

Join me in my session where I would like to cover the entire spectrum of DevOps and the buzz around it.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

DevOps History

Today: A use case with and without devops

Reflecting on the use case: Is DevOps all about tools and scripting only?

What DevOps is not:

1. DevOps is not just writing scripts

2. DevOps is not just increased number of deployments

3. DevOps is not just for startups

Getting it done right:

1. Align business goals with DevOps vision

2. Measure the value of business change

3. Setup a feedback mechanism

4. Invest in technology experts

5. Continual Improvement

Which are the trending tools in the DevOps space?

Examples of DevOps stack for some use cases

Learning Outcome

The talk aims to provide a better understanding of what is DevOps. It will cover the important areas within the DevOps space.

DevOps knowledge will help developers be better at designing and coding, will help QA contribute to an important phase of Continuous testing in DevOps, Sysadmins would know the difference between administrative work and improving their contribution to DevOps and will also help analysts and business owners know how to align their business vision with DevOps vision for better success.

Target Audience

developers, managers, testers, qa, executives, business decision makers



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