From zero to happiness - A practical Kanban experience in an Ops Team

This talk is about a story of an OpsTeam, working in a multi-million Cloud project, looking for a Project Manager to support them. What did they get? An Agile Coach instead!

I'll share how this experience has been, the bootstrapping, what worked well, what didn't, the peculiar challenges of an OpsTeam and how we are increasing our happiness index every day using the follow strategy:   

#1 – Visualize the work

#2 – Reduce batch sizes to improve flow

#3 – Collaborate to win

#4 – Make sure we are doing the right thing and just the right thing

#5 – Collect tangible results

#6 – Run different feedback loops 

#7 – Celebrate quick wins


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report


4 min - Introduction

5 min - #1 – Visualize the work

5 min - #2 – Reduce batch sizes to improve flow

5 min - #3 – Collaborate to win

5 min - #4 – Make sure we are doing the right thing and just the right thing

5 min - #5 – Collect tangible results

5 min - #6 – Run different feedback loops

10 min - Q&A

1 min - Thank you

Learning Outcome

  • How to create different types of boards.
  • The power of small deliverables
  • Kanban metrics that matters
  • The happiness Index
  • The relation between WIP, Throughput, Leadtime and happiness

Target Audience

This talk is pretty much for anyone interested in achieving Team's High-Performance combined with People's Happiness



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