It looks like that DevOps has hit the Mainstream. Gartner says by 2016, DevOps will evolve from a niche to a mainstream strategy employed by 25 percent of the Global 2000 Organizations.

This means that the DevOps Movement has already begun to be treated as a mainstream market, with vendors enjoying a toolset market that reached US$2.3 billion in 2015. Besides that, a whole ecosystem has been created in order to surf the DevOps wave. Certifications, events, communities, portals, media companies, marketing speeches, roles, self-promotions and more among others.

This talk is about the 10 Principles of the DevOps Movement. I will attempt to strip DevOps back to its bare essentials and explain the core principles of this great movement, which is definitely changing the digital business game around the World.


Here are the principles of the DevOps movement, covered in this session:

  1. DevOps is a Journey. You will never get there. It never ends...

  2. DevOps is not just about tooling and automation. You’ll need far more to achieve business high-performance and people’s happiness

  3. Achieve a state of flow! The secret is doing small and frequent changes.

  4. As a Team, everybody should be working on the same process, technologies and script languages.

  5. There is just one lifecycle, the business one.

  6. If the business is not involved, believe me, you are not doing DevOps!

  7. Focus on a strategic Business Applications and improve continuously.

  8. Create your own unicorn!

  9. Do whatever needs to be done to help the business win!

  10. Share the results. Help people believe they can also help change the world!

Outline/Structure of the Talk

The idea is to go straight to the first topic and spend 6 minutes talking about each of the ten principles. It is likely that I have one or two slides to support my speech, always with some type o diagram, animation or illustration. Never with a bunch of bullets. After the talk, I will be around to talk with the attendees.

Learning Outcome

Each one of the ten principles aims to deliver important takeaways for the audience. This includes original theories, experiments, and learnings from practical experiences on large organizations. This is a talk from a practitioner for practitioners.

At the end of the day, if I get people leaving the conference, thinking about combining team's high-performance and people's happiness, that would be a wonderful outcome for not only myself but also the community.

Target Audience

all Dev and Ops leadership roles



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