DevOps Habits - a true measure of your DevOps Transformation

DevOps transformation is a journey, not a jump. Implementing DevOps practices in an organization requires a “systems thinking” - analyzing the most efficient way to deliver value to your customer across all people involved from software ideation to production and back. During this session, we will discuss how DevOps practices introduce changes in the structure of your team, responsibilities, and culture across Dev, Ops, and the business. We will also look at a case study of how we started DevOps journey at a software house from CI to CD to DevOps Habits.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

DevOps Habits - a true measure of your DevOps Transformation


  1. Introduction
  2. Shipping Faster - Dev and Ops Collaboration
  3. Key DevOps Practices
    1. Continuous Integration
    2. Continuous Deployment and Release Automation
    3. Infrastructure as Code
    4. Fast Feedback throughout every phase of software lifecycle
  4. Case Study - Large Software House
    1. Phase 1: Trenches to 1 Bedroom
      1. Focus on automation -> CI, CD and Release Pipelines
      2. Focus on Unit Tests automation and automating other test cycles
    2. Phase 2: Decide and Divide rooms
      1. Shift in roles and accountabilities
    3. Phase 3: Implement analytics and action plan
      1. Decorate, Design, Measure
    4. Phase 4: DevOps Habits
      1. Start Living
  5. Conclusion

Learning Outcome

1. Learn how DevOps practices can help team ship software faster

2. Learn key practices of DevOps and understand how each of it fits into the overall delivery chain

3. Learn from real life challenges and get ideas on how we have resolved it and how you can reuse some of our learnings

Target Audience

Developers, Software Engineers, Project Managers, Agile Coaches, Agile Enthusiasts, DevOps Engineers

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