A new way to prioritise your product backlog - funnel based product development

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You're starting up. You have brilliant ideas to implement. In-fact you have tons of brilliant features to build. And everyone has an opinion on what is priority and what will do well. How do you decide what to build? How can you not go with gut feel but have a well engineered prioritisation process that keeps your customer at the forefront? And at the same time keep the process light weight?

This is the story of how we tackled this at our startup.

Any product goes through a sales funnel - wide at the beginning and narrow towards the end. We saw a similar pattern for online B2C companies - someone lands on your site and they go through a funnel where at the end they make a purchase/finish a transaction. This talk is about how to apply a funnel based approach to prioritising featured for your product.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Introduce problem statement

2. Concept of sales funnel

3. Funnel based product development 

4. Sample scenarios

5. How to prioritise in the funnel

6. Q&A

Learning Outcome

A new way to objectively prioritise features by mapping tangible outcomes to features 

Target Audience

Product managers, scrum leads, project managers, anyone involved with startups or applying lean



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