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Are you interested in succeeding with Agile in large, complex distributed development projects? Being Agile in a distributed environment has been a subject of controversy over the years, which is not surprising given the importance placed on face-to-face communication in the twelve principles of the Agile Manifesto.

This workshop will address the opportunities, challenges and concerns that are commonly faced by organizations in keeping to this manifesto when their Agile teams are geographically distributed.

Agile teams need to work together very closely as cross-functional teams, instead of silos with hand-offs after long project phases. Agile teams also need to engage customers and stakeholders frequently to ensure that they are meeting customer needs, adapting to changing requirements and delivering high-quality software. The transparency inspired by Agile makes any challenges related to this level of daily communication, collaboration and teaming, painfully obvious to teams and individuals. However, many large-scale and distributed Agile teams are successfully and boldly rising to meet the challenges with great success.What makes the difference between thriving versus just merely surviving?

 In this session, we will explore how organizations can create cultures, nurture individuals, and build teams to create high performing Distributed Agile teams in a globally competitive world. Dipesh will also share some innovative ideas in addition to tricks, tips, and proven methods that have inspired and helped people and organizations to 'be Agile' rather than just 'do Agile'.  The Agile Manifesto puts more emphasis on individuals and interactions over processes and tools and we want to keep it that way no matter where they are!

Bring your greatest distributed teaming challenges and and be ready to be inspired during this active and engaging session.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

This fast-paced and highly-interactive workshop will be run in an Agile format, filled with multiple exercises and games to bring out the following key messages:

Considerations for Distributed Agile

    Consideration: Culture comes first

    Consideration: Architect and design for distributed development

    Consideration: Distributed operations, product management and DevOps

    Consideration: Communication needs extra focus

    Consideration: Time zone challenges – longitude vs latitude

    Consideration: Unleashing the full potential of Distributed Agile Teams


How do we set up Distributed Agile Teams?

    How: Setup Agile Governance

    How: Design for Scaling Teams

    How: Focus on Customer Value

    How: Structure for Distributed Delivery

    How: Encourage Continuous Improvement

    How: Create Passionate People

Key Takeaways

Wrap Up


In addition to the key learning outcomes mentioned here, all participants will also get to hear a lot of little 'gems' (exciting new tips and techniques) that are based on my hands-on experience with working with multiple teams distributed all across the world. These novel ‘gems’ peppered throughout this session ensures that participants of all experience levels are inspired!



Learning Outcome

The attendees will learn:

  • The secret ingredients to unleashing the full potential of the distributed teams (and we are not talking about Agile tools and practices here!)

  • How organisations can create cultures, nurture individuals, and build teams to create high performing Distributed Agile teams in a globally competitive world.

  • The difference between the Leadership styles required in co-located and Distributed Agile environments.

  • Some innovative ideas, in addition to tricks, tips, and proven methods, that will inspire and help Distributed Agile Teams to 'be Agile' rather than just 'do Agile'.

Target Audience

While this workshop is suitable for Agile practitioners of all experience levels, any members or leaders of Distributed Agile teams will benefit most from this session.



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