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What keeps Open Source contributors going?
How do they get paid? In kind or in cash?
Why doesn't everyone contribute? 
Common questions, frequently discussed but the problem has not been solved. 

Well almost! "CodeCuriosity" is a platform that measures your open-source contribution and rewards you for your effort! 

What can be measured can be improved! CodeCuriosity helps you set goals for open-source contribution and scores it. The accrued score can be redeemed for merchandise from Github and Amazon!

CodeCuriosity aims to be the Fitbit™ for Open Source Contributions.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

I don't need to stress the importance of more people contributing to open-source - not just consuming it.

CodeCuriosity.org has been live since Apr-15 and in the first 6 months itself, it has already got over 450 users who have redeemed over 800 USD in rewards. 

This is not a Gratipay, Gittip, donation (Open-source contributors don't need sympathy) and it's not a competition like TopCoder or CodeChef where winner takes all. 

CodeCuriosity is a platform that rewards the open-source developers for their effort! Everyone and everything is rewarded. It's not competitive, it's self-motivating! 

  1. Goals ensure that you have monthly targets for open-source contribution.
  2. Every code-commit, issues and comments on Github is fetched and scored.
  3. Points translate to real money! 
  4. Only repositories over 25 stars are considered (so this auto-screens valuable commits).
  5. Repositories owners can now "call for developers" and reward them for their monthly contributions.
  6. Companies and Individuals can "reward" to open-source contributors and show their gratitude. 

Impact: We have seen developers (students and professionals) increase their open source contributions because it's now measured and motivating! 

Is this product promotion? Well, you decide? We don't benefit monetarily from this. In fact, we are losing money for every redemption! The more money we lose, the more the open-source community gains. We are looking for companies and individuals to 'pledge' support for this platform.

CodeCuriosity was born to make open-source contributions FUN, MOTIVATING and REWARDING.

Learning Outcome


Open Source Contribution is a DUTY and not an option. Motivating developers by measuring their monthly contribution gives them the sense of responsibility to give back to the community. $$$ is an incentive but not a source of income - it's enough to keep wet your appetite, not to appease it. 

Without making a big deal of consistent contributions, over a period of time, developers suddenly have an excellent open-source profile that can make a difference in their career if not their life! 

Target Audience

Beginners and professionals who want to contribute to open-source but haven't taken it seriously yet.



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