DevOps practices remove barriers that prevent Agile teams from achieving higher velocity, delivering higher quality products, and reducing technical debt. Not everyone views it this way: some see DevOps supplanting Agile. Yet DevOps needs Agile just as much as Agile needs DevOps: DevOps provides practices that support delivering higher quality products as faster cycles, while Agile practices provide the business engagement model and the teaming model that fosters collaboration and helps organizations "build the right thing", not just "build the thing right".


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. What are Agile and DevOps? What are the key goals and practices of both
  2. How DevOps helps Agile
    1. The Automated Delivery Pipeline
    2. How CI practices reduce technical debt
    3. Why API-based Automated Testing is essential to achieving Agile velocity
  3. Why Agile is incomplete without production releases
    1. The gap between "potentially releasable" and "actually released" can be vast
    2. How feedback from real customers helps the Product Owner
  4. Why Application Architecture matters, and how DevOps helps Agile improve it
  5. Why DevOps needs Agile

Learning Outcome

  1. Understand how Agile and DevOps relate to one another
  2. Understand how to use DevOps to improve Agile adoption and Agile delivery
  3. Understand how to use Agile to improve DevOps teaming and culture

Target Audience

Professional responsible for DevOps and/or Agile adoption strategies in their organizations, as well as anyone looking to improve their software delivery practices.

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