The 5 Agile monkeys - Typical behaviour patterns and what we can do about it

Sometimes we behave like monkeys. We imitate others, we "talk the talk" - even if we don't really understand the topic. We pretend to be agile, but we are not really. We use nice words like "business value" and "streamlining processes", but we don't really understand what our team is working on. 

In this funny, but insightful 20 minute speech I present 5 behaviour patterns that I observed in my Agile work life. As these are my personal observations, I introduce these patterns with the help of personification instead of scientific explanation (using the "Agile monkeys"). 

Fortunately, there is always a way to get better and I present the techniques I found the most useful to improve the working relationship with the "Agile monkeys" (whether it was someone else or me, who behaved like a monkey). 


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Note: This was originally a 5-minute lightning talk that was presented at Agile Australia 2016 and at the LAST conference in Melbourne (see the one slider at and some of the tweets in the Links sections).

The extended, 20-minute speech introduces these behaviours in a bit more detail and gives advice on how to deal with behaviour.




Learning Outcome

Identify behaviour patterns in ourselves or others and be able to use techniques to change the behaviour.

Target Audience



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