A typical conversation on a release day:

 Everyone on team running around with questions like how was it merged without review? why wasn't it caught earlier in the automated tests? is it not test covered? And the blame game starts which turns pleasant office premises into a really chaotic one as all starts behaving like Shakuni the bad critic ..............

Does this conversation sounds familiar to you?

yes, in fast paced organisations like us it is a burning problem. And we really wanted a monitoring system in the test phase itself that too using the same tools we use regularly and hence not costing us anything extra. This brings Agility within the teams by having everything & everyone on a single platform and help everyone feel what’s there in the black box.

Points needed to ensure:

  1. Prevent direct push to the branches we want to protect
  2. No commits to go inside without tech/product review
  3. A common transparent place to quickly go through all commit links/description with timestamp to quickly know which can be the culprit commits
  4. Alerts to respective team members for any suspicious activity done by anyone
  5. Personalised alerts to the committer for reminding to follow the release process
  6. As the team size grows, assisting each one in the team on release process & progress is really a repetitive task and an unnecessary dependency

In this talk, we will discuss about unleashing the power of Github & Slack to create a interesting code monitoring and talking bot which keeps everyone in a team updated on a single platform.




Outline/Structure of the Lightning Talk

    1.  Case Study  - 5 min

         Will be understanding the real communication problems occur while trying to collaborate Cross-functional Teams.

   2.  Alice the bot at your service  - 7 min

   3. The exponential future possibilities - 3 min

   4.  Questions & Answers - 5 min

Learning Outcome

  • The convenience — the immense amount of time saved and the freedom from having to download an app for every single task at hand — is unparalleled. With this approach, team members specially devs, qa & product managers will not have to switch between apps or deal with multiple interfaces to get the info on daily necessities
  • Understanding how such system could be created self instead of depending on DevOps team, just by knowing how to collaborate multiple Open API platforms. 

Target Audience

QA DevOps ProductOwner Developer CTO


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Public Feedback

    • Pooja Shah

      Pooja Shah - Release Status Analyser to bring more agility @ work

      Pooja Shah
      Pooja Shah
      Lead Automation Engineer
      schedule 4 years ago
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      20 Mins

      Problem Statement

      Do you have a lot of automated Tests and so the lot many tests reports to analyse before taking call for release?

      Plot: Any huge impacting micro-service based product/project for which enormous tests have been already automated and your continuous deployment process requires all of those tests in "PASSED" state. Due to high traffic most of the day, releases are deployed at non peak hours. Imagine decided deployment time in production is 5 AM. (The feature and regression testing is done already but there are always some small last minute changes, so it’s better to have a double check on the frozen code to release)

      At 1 am: Final automated sanity checks start executing  

      At 3 am: Get the results, release engineer/ devOps gets notified of the state of the release, she/he looks at CI board and see several green and red builds. He/She now 1 by 1 opens all red builds, clicks on individual reports, console, screenshots....  more red builds- more time to analyse it...

      At 4.30 am: After gathering report on which test failed for what reason & who should be looking at them, she/he calls up respective owners to look out and state the reasons & take a call on the release

      At 5 am: The service owner says "let’s revert my feature to previous version and take the release live"

      Release Engineer again starts searching for files/mails where the last stable version is stored, spending more time again. It’s 6 AM now, she/ he deploys last stable service versions, runs the failed tests -> integration tests ...

      it already 9 AM, wooosh!, time runs really fast. Can't release now, peak traffic time.............

      Do you share the same pain?

      Before giving a +1 for the release, it becomes essential for the QA folks to provide proper feedback as quickly as possible. At the same time assessing n number of reports becomes an additional tedious task. So definitely there should be 1 dashboard which nicely displays the status with transparency and anyone should be able to tell whether release is good to go and if not, then why not. RSA which I have created on top of open-sourced technologies is a small effort towards achieving the same. Will take you through a live demo and discuss on how you can use it to meet your needs.

    • Anand Bagmar

      Anand Bagmar - Meditation & Agile!

      45 Mins

      I have been meditating since quite some time now. Meditation gives me peace of mind. It allows me to be more conscious and aware of things around me. Interestingly, I have experienced the benefits in Coaching & Mentoring, in Testing and also in Automation activities on Agile projects.

      In this talk, I will be sharing how Meditation helped me in Testing on Agile projects - while working on various activities that help my team build a Quality product. I will also be sharing experiences of the way we approach certain testing activities - and how that correlates to the conscious mind, or not! These experiences can be applicable to any role on Agile projects.

      PS: I will be referring to some Meditation techniques that work for me. This is not about any religion / faith / practice.