Diversity is a powerful enabler to build high performing Agile teams

Summary: Building high performing teams requires leveraging various elements of diversity such as Cultural, Personality, Learning and Thinking styles.


Recognition and deep appreciation of diversity is aligned with the guiding principles within the Agile manifesto: Individuals and interactions over Processes and tools.

Often diversity is perceived as synonymous with age, ethnicity and gender. However, a team could be diverse in culture, personalities, thoughts and learning styles as well. Diversity within teams does not automatically contribute to high performance unless a safe and open environment is created to capitalize on their collective strengths, while enhancing communication, collaboration and cohesion.

The session will focus on two elements of diversity

  1. Cultural diversity: In this session, you will learn about cultural dimensions and frameworks forcross-cultural communication. People from different cultures generally have different levels of expectations, ways of interacting and communication. You will also learn how to understand various cultural attributes and ways to overcome the cultural barriers. This will reference Hofstede's cultural dimensions 
  2. Diversity in Thinking and Learning styles: This session helps you discover and utilize the strengths and dominant themes impacting an individual’s performance. Complementary skills and thought diversity within the teams can significantly contribute to innovation and excellence. This will reference Hermann’s Whole brain thinking methodology.



Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Introduction to diversity on Agile teams (beyond Culture and Gender) - 5 minutes

2. Deep dive into how to identify diversities, how to leverage the strengths within the teams leading to high performance and the techniques/tools to maneuver through the challenging team dynamics - 20 minutes

3. Case studies supporting the significance of diversity check contributing to expediting enterprise agility - 20 minutes

Learning Outcome

The audience will learn and be equipped with knowledge of sophisticated tools available to overcome the diversity barriers often found in teams. This will help expedite the journey of the team through forming, storming and norming phases and help achieve high performance cadence.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Coaches, Project Managers, IT Managers, Agile Team Members

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