Spotify is continuously experimenting with ways to grow and support intrapreneurs in a decentralized culture. How can you create room for innovation? How can new concepts emerge and be taken from idea to production without stage gates or formal responsibilities? What are the challenges and risks involved? We don’t have specific answers, but we do have some examples. We’ll share some real-life innovation stories and discuss some things we have learned so far.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • Two case studies on innovation through "intrapreneurs": Discover Weekly and Spotify Running
  • Discussion about commonalities and differences between case studies
  • Spotify's approach to encourage innovation

Learning Outcome

  • Innovation in a decentralized culture
  • Real-life innovation stories

Target Audience

Engineers, product owners, designers, managers, innovators, HR, or anyone else who cares about how to support innovation in the workplace.

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