Despite the incredible proliferation of tools and processes aimed at minimizing barriers and reducing friction across the daily life of teams, do you find yourself struggling to make sense of the information hairball and constantly asking, "How's the deployment going?", "Who's responding to that incident?", "Is staging green?", "Why do I have 9999 unread emails?"...

STOP! ChatOps can help your teams communicate and collaborate more efficiently by providing a unifying platform across the disparate tools and processes to disseminate knowledge across everyone on the team and provide visibility cross the board.

What started as a playful experiment, ChatOps helps foster a culture that embraces the core tenets of DevOps - automation, measurement, sharing - by bringing everyday tools and processes right into the middle of a conversation in a virtual space used by the teams, providing the ability to work not just quickly, but smoothly. The ability to instruct "bots" to perform routine tasks through your chat tools is powerful and perhaps shines a light on what could be the next dominant interface for interaction. There’s immediate value in the visibility, awareness and real-time feedback it offers to the entire team. Everyone can see what's being done, the resulting effects, and provides a strong foundation for deep collaboration, learning and teaching by doing.

In this session geared towards beginners, we will introduce the essential concepts of ChatOps, the benefits, understand the anatomy of a chat application/robot, and demonstrate how ChatOps can be leveraged to help team culture through synchronous communication, speed of action, broader visibility and accurate awareness.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Outline/structure of the Session

What is ChatOps?

What are its benefits?

How do I begin my journey to ChatOps?



Learning Outcome

Understand the principles of ChatOps and the correlation to an increase in collaboration and transparency.

Be able to describe workflow patterns that can be automated with ChatOps.

Describe the anatomy of a chat application/robot.

Blueprint to start your journey with ChatOps.

Target Audience

Beginner, Folks interested in methods of collaboration, feedback and automation.

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