Lean UX = Useful Products = Happy Customers

Lean UX is a design technique that leverages the collaborative nature of a team to bring out the true nature of the product to light faster so that one is sure that the feature-to-be-built will be useful to the user before actually building the feature.This method involves cross-functional teams to put on the customer hats and design a market-fit application.
This session will focus on What is Lean UX?,What are its principles?,What are its benefits?,How to practice Lean UX with scenarios?,Lean UX vs Agile UX,Which to use and when?


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The structure of the session will be as follows,

  1. What is Lean UX?[5 mins]
  2. What are its principles?[10 mins]
  3. What are its benefits?[5 mins]
  4. How to practice Lean UX with scenarios?[15 mins]
  5. Lean UX vs Agile UX, Which to use and when?[10 mins]

Learning Outcome

After this session,the audience will have a clear understanding of Lean UX.

Target Audience

Technologists involved in software development life cycle

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