Everyone is aware about the benefits which Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI) can bring to any organisation but nobody talks about the day-today obstacles where if the process of CI/CD not followed seriously, can turn out to be a myth/fallacy.

Things can go wrong if following things are not properly designed/configured:

  • End-To-End Pipeline setup
  • Deployment Schedule (Daily vs weekly vs fortnightly deployments)
  • Two-way compatibility (Code vs Schema change)
  • Trunk based development vs Multiple Branches
  • Discipline around feature Flags
  • Deployment Downtimes (blue-green deployments)
  • Discipline around Test Automation

Join us and learn the loopholes and the barriers in the Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration process as we share our personal experiences.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Quick introduction to Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI) development practice.

  • The importance of Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI)  process in agile in a right way.

  • Things to be taken care of when implementing CI/CD in a project.

  • Challenges faced in the CI/CD process and how to overcome them.

Learning Outcome

The attendees will learn:

  • things to be taken care of when implementing CI/CD in a project.
  • the hurdles in the process of CI/CD and how to overcome them.

Target Audience

Scrum leads who are trying to adapt to CI/CD, Stakeholders, Business Analysts, Developers, Quality Analysts, DevOps

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Public Feedback

    • Anand Bagmar

      Anand Bagmar - Meditation & Agile!

      45 Mins

      I have been meditating since quite some time now. Meditation gives me peace of mind. It allows me to be more conscious and aware of things around me. Interestingly, I have experienced the benefits in Coaching & Mentoring, in Testing and also in Automation activities on Agile projects.

      In this talk, I will be sharing how Meditation helped me in Testing on Agile projects - while working on various activities that help my team build a Quality product. I will also be sharing experiences of the way we approach certain testing activities - and how that correlates to the conscious mind, or not! These experiences can be applicable to any role on Agile projects.

      PS: I will be referring to some Meditation techniques that work for me. This is not about any religion / faith / practice.