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As the co-founders of Intentwise we strongly believe in few things;

1. Customer discovery and product discovery cannot be done in isolation.

2. Search and Discovery at every step

3. Technology enables business and in itself is not a business

To build a strong product you need to listen and hear to the customers who live and breathe the problems day in and day out. We would like to share our story on how we abide by some of the above principles and guidelines in building some amazing products to help our clients to derive their customer intents.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Core problem

2. Lean product development

3. ML, Analytics and optimization

4. Tech enablement

5. Lessons learnt

Learning Outcome

We would like to share our story of why customer discovery is so important in the life cycle of a product development. 

Target Audience

CMO, CTO, Data scientists, Business Analysts and developers


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