The future is decentralized , distributed teams. Offices are a thing of past. Work from your home or a beach is the new thing.

In this case study I am going to talk about my experience working remotely and in  distributed scattered teams . The talk will be focused around what are the new patterns I see   while I worked across three companies - hike messenger, confengine & poolmyride . How the knowledge,tools, resources were shared across organizations . How some of these teams are totally remote and creating new products ,and are sustainable without external funding. How the culture of such orgs is enforcing everyone in it to be a leader and not just an employee of the company. 

Some of these orgs are hybrid in nature serving both B2B markets and trying to innovate in B2C space.Will go deep into how it worked for me and my team.

I will also discuss what tools and strategies work best in such organizations .

Will also deep dive into the culture of such organizations and how it is totally different from the corporate culture we see in conventional companies.

I will also discuss few companies which have scaled enormously with this culture .


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  1. Ill start with  sharing my experience on working remotely for 2 years
    1. This will include how risky was it to make a decision to leave permanent job
    2. What were my backup plans
    3. What resources/actions gave me confidence
  2. What cultural patterns emerge out while I worked remotely.
    1. Ill be going through the methods and practices best suited for communication between remote teams
    2. Practices which help deliver fast and good quality products without daily standups and boring meetings
    3. What to look for when hiring for remote teams
    4. How to retain people in such teams
  3. How remote organizations are lean and very much sustainable.
    1. I ll discuss few cases where resources(both software/hardware) are reusued .
    2. How operational costs are minimised 
    3. How ownership is decentralized and still not diluted
  4. Pros and cons of working in distributed teams
    1. Ill give some pros and cons of this culture.
    2. How this culture is best suited for startups
    3. Ill also dicuss how these teams can be scaled from small size(5-10) employees to medium or large sized organizations

Learning Outcome

  • New perspective of how next gen organizations will look like
  • How to establish  ownership and leadership within your team
  • What to watch out for, while working remotely
  • Tools which help you achieve remote and decentralized culture

Target Audience

anyone with an open mind, startup founders, full stack developers


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