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Technical practices like refactoring and TDD (Test-Driven Development) have become mainstream in software development. However, software developers I met in many companies are either oblivious or have a different interpretation. My interest is to help developers adopt technical practices and being a mentor has played a big part. Through the years I've tried many ways to maximise the effectiveness of mentee's learning and also brings many challenges and discoveries. In this talk, I'll share the experiments I tried and hope it'll inspire you to help others improve their technical practices.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Context Setting
    • The problem
    • What is mentoring and four stages of competence
  • At least 5 experiments tried and the learnings, focusing on refactoring and TDD
  • Recap and closing

Learning Outcome

  • Characteristics of a mentor
  • Split the practices in smaller steps for easier learning
  • Create deliberate practices to build memory muscles
  • Using four stages of competence to drive mentoring
  • Tips to establish mentoring technical practices within your company

Target Audience

Developers, Team Leads, Managers



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