Scrum Master - The Full-Time Role Dilemma

Most of us think Scrum Masters are the change agents for a company to transform from any traditional way of software development to Agile. We also think the Scrum Masters are not needed after we are matured enough to take the baton ahead. This topic will cover most of the myths of whether Scrum Master role is a full-time role or can get done away with.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduction to Scrum

Introduction to Scrum Master

Responsibilities of a Scrum Master

Balancing the work on a daily basis

Full-time or Part-time


Learning Outcome

People's thought would be provoked into serving them a platter of food for thought towards a Scrum Master being a full-time role in organizations to sustain a steady growth.

Target Audience

Any person with Agile Mindset

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Public Feedback

    • Vijay Wade

      Vijay Wade / Manjunatha M S Rao - Sick and Tired? You don’t need a Physician: Try Personal Kanban

      90 Mins

      All of us are simply getting stressed because of multiple events happening in our life and hence we are not able to achieve the greatest goal of our life in time and sometimes never.

      This session I shall talk about why this is happening to you and what is the solution.

      Idea of this session is to shed some light on power of Personal Kanban and real life examples to save from being Sick and Tired 
      Kanban can be implemented in most walks of life. Knowingly or unknowingly few of us use it in few aspects of daily routine.

      It would be focused on ways to improve productivity in your life and achieving your goals and biological and psychological aspect of it....

      It would be a workshop mode session where in we would understand whats happening to us in our life and activities that lead us in this situation and will figure out how to get out of this and lead to successful life (Personal and Professional).

    • Manjunatha M S Rao

      Manjunatha M S Rao / Sriharsha B / Vijay Wade - Agile Clinic – Strengthen Your Organization Agility

      45 Mins
      Experience Report

      When a company thinks about transformation or a change from legacy traditional software development models to Agile, they first think of bringing in External coaches or Scrum experts. In another situation when the companies want to increase their maturity in agile, they still will want to hire people from outside who are experts in this arena. This discussion is all about how we could groom people internally to sustain and increase the credentials within the organization rather than relying always on external coaches.