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You won't win if you keep doing the same thing over and over again. And you won’t be world-class if just you do what others have done before you. To truly make it, you need to be different and develop a world-class innovation mindset! 

In the world of professional sports, innovation, persistence and rapid learning are everything! In this very personal talk I, a former Olympian, will share key learnings from my professional sports career. I will delve into topics such as choosing the team that's right for you, rapid feedback, radical candour and high-performance teams.   

I will contrast the perspectives and attitudes of professional sports with modern work life and will extract guidelines and tools that we can apply to our professional lives. From critical communication skills to collaboration and effective teams, come along and learn practical ways for how to apply ideas from Olympic sports to your professional agile career!



Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Background and setting the context: a brief but personal story about my path to becoming a world-class athlete (5 mins)
  2. How to pick your team. Be the worst player on the best team (5-6 mins)
  3. High-performance teams: Healthy hierarchy. The power of diversity. Olympics aren't won by teams who like each other. (5-6 mins)
  4. Deliberate practice: How to give feedback on and off the field. Timing and nature of feedback. Tool: Radical candour. (5-6 mins)
  5. Innovative experiments: Inspiration, professional coaching, innovation within constraints. Tool: Trial Balloons. (5-6 mins)
  6. Close and conclusion (5) 

Each section will contrast the perspective or world-class sports with modern work life and will extract lessons and tools that are useful to our professional lives.

Learning Outcome

You will learn how to: 

- use experiments and deliberate practice to drive innovation 

- give and receive timely feedback

- innovate within constraints to increase performance

- pick the best team for you

- recognise a high-performance team that will successfully innovate

Target Audience

Everyone who either works on a team or interacts with teams



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