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Here’s a radical idea: Trust people to know best and let them decide which team they should work in. Let them Self-Select!
Self-selection is the simplest, fastest and most efficient way to form stable teams, based on the belief that people are at their happiest and most productive if they can choose what they work on and who they work with.
In October 2013, New Zealand’s largest eCommerce provider ran the biggest Self-Selection event in the world since WWII, using a process which has since been repeated many times in multiple locations across the world.
In this presentation I will share my learnings and experiences from more than three years of running Self-Selection processes in large organisations. I will show you a repeatable process for how to establish efficient teams in growing organisations and we will answer questions such as “Why would I do that”? and “How can I convince management?”.
If you work in an industry or company that involves teams then this talk is for you!

Outline/Structure of the Talk

- The art of Team design (ca. 5 mins)
   - Why stable teams? (research)
   - Does team design really matter? (research)
   - Managerial selection and it’s shortcomings (scaling issues for growth companies)
- Self-Selection as a better way (ca. 8- 10 mins)
   - What is Self-Selection and why should you care? 
   - The history of Self-Selection (Lancaster crews and Atlassian Ship-it Days)
- Before you can run a Self-Selection event (ca. 5 mins)
   - How do you know your organisation is ready? 
   - What do you need to prepare? (defining teams' purpose, where, when, who, logistics…)
   - How do you communicate the idea of Self-Selection and how to people react?
   - Which constraints should you have? (too many, too few, just enough)
- How to run the Self-Selection event (ca. 8- 10 mins)
   - A facilitation plan 
   - Checkpoints and iterations
   - When to stop
- Results from several events in multiple locations and countries (ca. 5 mins)
  - People
  - Teams
- What I learned from 3 years of Self-Selection and why it works (ca. 8- 10 mins)
   - Getting permission
   - Stages of acceptance 
   - Relationships
   - People appreciate the process
   - People can be trusted

Learning Outcome

After this session participants will be able to: 
  • Explain why Self-Selection is the best way to ensure the best team design
  • Describe a tried process for Self-Selection that scales to at least 100 people (and probably more)
  • Anticipate and address people's questions and concerns before asking them to self-select into teams
  • Create a plan that includes a number of pre-requisites for self-selection success

Target Audience

Anyone who structures organisations, designs teams, works as part of a team, interacts with teams



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