9 1/2 pH (preferred Habits) - Enabling Habits that Foster Agility

As organizations adopt Agile practices and work to make leaders and all employees realize the value of an Agile mindset, they struggle with trying to influence the larger and broader organization. Large organizations have habits that are built over time and embedded in the culture and can serve as an autonomic defense mechanism against change. Realizing this and addressing this is vital to moving everyone towards the agility that organizations need to survive and be competitive. We will share some key highlights of how we are approaching this organizational challenge as we improve our overall maturity in being nimble, responsive and building a value based culture

 Co- Presenter: Archana Jain - Vice President of Information Technology for Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Archana Jain is Vice President of Information Technology for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, serving Verizon’s large business customers. In her current role, Archana leads a technology team spanning four continents in support of the technology enablement of Billing, Service Management, Product Development, and Managed Services. 

Archana is a seasoned Agile practitioner who is championing the adoption of Agile in Verizon. Archana has been leading the Agile journey for over 5 years in large businesses and understands the nuances of introducing and sustaining agile practices and behaviors 

Archana played a key role in the business transformation of the Quote to Bill automation program and is actively involved in migrating customers to this platform. She and her team modernized the Enterprise billing platform and have performed multiple systems consolidations achieving efficiency and scale. Archana simplified and automated many aspects of the service management platform that supports multiple products such as network, security and applications. She also enabled self-service by making dashboard, inventory and change management capabilities available to both managed and unmanaged customers. With an eye towards the future, Archana is enabling innovation SDN/NFV and virtualization to revolutionize managed services.

Prior to this appointment, Archana held the position of Executive Director for Contact Center Management. She and her team managed CRM tools, resource management and chat technologies, as well as call quality and monitoring tools. Archana enabled mobility solutions, speech analytics and modernized the CRM platform to enable savings as well as increase adoption. Archana is a hands-on Agile practitioner and an advocate who has a track record, particularly with large teams, of implementing process innovations while eliminating waste.  

Archana holds a Bachelor of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi, India) and earned her Masters in Information Management from Stevens Institute of Technology.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Problem Statement:

Organizational Culture and Habits can negatively impact Agile transformation.



Identify Habits and create a multi layer program to identify, educate, practice and reinforce these habits.



  • Identify Preferred Habits – Input from the Agile journey and Organizational Direction to hone in on our Desired Behaviors
  • Messaging Why  - Communication to Leaders and Managers on the need of preferred habits and the Outcome
  • Hands on Workshop – F2F interactive sessions creating powerful A-Ha moments
  • Commitment – Creating Ownership in practicing these openly 
  • Support Structure – Core Team support to provide coaching and help  the practitioners of these habits
  • Scaling – Scale this by organic growth as well as selective adoption with-in the organization for maximum traction

Learning Outcome

  • How to orient management and leadership to habits that enable agility?
  • How to provide support and an environment for these habits to become sticky?

Target Audience

Enterprise Agile Coaches, First Level, Middle and Senior Management, Agile Transformation Champions, Agile Transformation Governance Leads

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