For large enterprises starting their Agile journey, the first step towards Agility is Transparency - the foundation for building a high-trust environment.

Yet, in a lot of large, traditional organizations, the public display of information, uniformly accessible to all, is unsettling.

Through a “scary” analysis of the impact of the lack of transparency, we aim to build a really strong case for why Transparency is the new Green! 

To make the leap into Transparency easy, we will also share some tools which have come in handy and worked beautifully for us.

Our pursuit of transparency is dotted with failed attempts – we would love to share those so that others can make fresh mistakes and not repeat our mistakes.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  • Introduction / Context Setting (~5 minutes)
  • Typical set up in large traditional enterprises starting with Agile (~10 minutes)
  • What is the impact of lack of transparency (~15 minutes)
    • Discuss various aspects like ignorance, bad politics, others
    • Discuss how these may manifest themselves in the workplace
  • Big visible information radiators (~10 minutes)
    • Popular media
    • Popular charts, visuals
  • What not to do (~5 minutes)

Learning Outcome

The audience will gain insight into the expanse of the impact of lack of transparency on trust and team motivation.

They will also get a quick overview about popular and big visible information radiators.

And tips on what to avoid in the quest for transparency.

Target Audience

Leaders, managers, change agents, scrum masters



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