As organizations start their Agile journey, very soon the question of “What’s to become of the Managers?” comes up.

Yesterday’s heroes and firefighters find themselves without a clear space or role.

But surely there is a better way of handling these managers and the expertise and experience that they bring with them.

Our managers can be re-imagined and flourish as mentors, as experts, as change agents.

We would like to share the new avatar that our erstwhile managers can adopt in the new world while continuing with some of their existing responsibilities.

Also a few tips and tricks to make managers our allies in the quest for Agility.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduction / Context Setting (~5 minutes)

Managers viewed as the fifth wheel (~10 minutes)

Managers Re-imagined (~10 minutes)

Tips and Tricks to ally with Managers (presented as experiments)

  • What works (~5 minutes)
  • What doesn’t work (~5 minutes)

Learning Outcome

The audience will hear about common challenges that organizations face in understanding the role of Managers in a new Agile set up.

They will also learn how Managers can be made partners in being Agile.

Practical tips and experiments to try in Organizations to make managers an integral part of the team's transformation to high-performing teams .


Target Audience

Agile Leaders, Change Agents, Agile Coaches, Managers


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  • 45 Mins
    Experience Report

    For large enterprises starting their Agile journey, the first step towards Agility is Transparency - the foundation for building a high-trust environment.

    Yet, in a lot of large, traditional organizations, the public display of information, uniformly accessible to all, is unsettling.

    Through a “scary” analysis of the impact of the lack of transparency, we aim to build a really strong case for why Transparency is the new Green! 

    To make the leap into Transparency easy, we will also share some tools which have come in handy and worked beautifully for us.

    Our pursuit of transparency is dotted with failed attempts – we would love to share those so that others can make fresh mistakes and not repeat our mistakes.