How much do we care about the emotional well-being of our team members?

Do we understand what it means to build a culture infected with love, care and intimacy?  

Most importantly do we care enough to 'take-care' of our employees when we talk about appraisals?

 Here in this proposal I would like to re-visit the fundamentals of giving, receiving and accepting feedback in a safe, secure and healthy environment. I will introduce the classic 'Stroke Economy' model and the injunctions to emphasise the need for building a team which is not 'stroke' deprived. This model could be used for individual/organisation profiling and its an excellent tool for self-introspection.

stroke - A unit of recognition



Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  • Importance of Feedback (2 min)
  • Stroke Economy (5 min)
  • Types of Stroke and Injunctions ( 5 min)
  • Organisation/Individual Profiling (3 min)
  • Q/A (5 min)

During my presentation I will also share sample data from my previous coaching experience and talk about how to use this model to re-wire the existing feedback systems.


Learning Outcome

- More awareness about the individual need for validation/recognition

- More awareness about the organisation patterns when it comes to feedback systems

- More awareness and clarity on the types of feedback

Target Audience

Team, Managers, Coaches, Scrum Masters



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