We have been advocating agile and lean thinking for the last 20 odd years. However, our own personal productivity and effectiveness has been bogged down in a world of maze. Despite technology development and advancements. we have failed to make our own lives simple.

I have been a practitioner of Personal Kanban and GTD techniques for many years. In this workshop, I teach people the principles behind these, how these can be combined and then let people actually experience it. I take them through a step-by-step process of how this can be done and get attendees started on this amazingly powerful approach to boost your personal productivity and execute with a free mind.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

1. The problem statement. Why?

2. Explain principles of Personal Kanban (PK)

3. Step-by-step approach to PK

4. Introduce GTD

5. How PK and GTD can be mashed up for greater effectiveness

6. Step-by-step approach to bring GTD into PK

7. Conclusions

Learning Outcome

1. People will learn how to apply Lean/Agile personally, in their own world. This helps them to get visual, see their own work, experience flow and overall, set expectations (internal and external).

2. Free their mind... instead of remembering things, use the mind to focus on doing things

3. Boost productivity and reduce anxiety levels.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in adopting Lean/Agile for their own personal productivity



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  • Utpal Chakraborty

    Utpal Chakraborty - Agile & Lean Movie Making

    20 Mins

    “Agile & Lean Movie Making” is a fresh and innovative topic, an experience of a novice team of movie makers on Agile and Lean methodologies. Importantly it has got a completely new dimension of imparting Agile, Lean type best practices from Movie Industry to the IT or other world like we did the same a decade back from Automobile Industry (Toyota).

    The session also reiterates the fact that Agile & Lean principles are not specific and limited for to any specific industry but the same can be applied to any industry and even in our day today work and get benefited.

    Some of the learning outcome from the session are:

    1.Do NOT limit Agile & Lean with any specific industry.

    2.It’s Versatile. It’s a Methodology of Working which can be applied in any industry, any business and in any work.

    3.More you practice Agile & Lean more you mature and invent. There is No End to it.

    Many a times we do many things unknowingly in Agile & Lean way and we get fantastic results.

    1. How some of the Agile & Lean type best practices used in movie making for ages can be adopted in IT and vice versa. 
      2. How Agile along with Six-Sigma Lean & Kanban can act as a Power Pack for cost cutting as well as excellence in production execution in movie making. 
      3. Importance of special Tools and Techniques in movie making as well as in IT wherever there is a technical challenge or a creative constraint. 
      5. Movie Production Envisioning vs. Agile Daily Scrum Meeting & backlog replenishment 
      6. Movie Post-mortem vs. Agile Retrospective
      7. Film Budgeting vs. Agile Estimation
  • Noopur Pathak

    Noopur Pathak - The Magic knobs of Agile Digital Marketing

    Noopur Pathak
    Noopur Pathak
    schedule 4 years ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    My experiments with Agile Digital Marketing led me to tap into my own creativity and innovation.

    Being a marketeer, I never had the luxury to depend on a single technique for a longer period of time. With the change in technology, product attributes and customer expectations, everything changes everyday. Since Agile talks about adapting to the changing environment, I chose to club Agile and Digital Marketing practices to survive and grow in the shifting ecosystem.

    The journey began with breaking down Google Adwords marketing campaigns into smaller iterations than doing it at once. The results have been overwhelming both financially and emotionally. 15-20% of the budget allocated could be saved. 

    In this session, I share my journey 'Monomyth' to move from known to unknown and reach back home with newfound wisdom - 'The Magic knobs of Agile Digital Marketing'.