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Every year startups fail, because they build too much and validate too little. I did the same mistake with my first tech startup. However when I started NeuroEquilibrium™ Diagnostic Systems, I decided to sell the product before I build it. That took me down a very interesting product discovery route. In this case study, I'll share our experience & motivation behind building an MVP in MedTech, how an early pivot helped us identifying the actual problem and finally how we used Agile development in hardware & software.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • Learnings from failure of the first startup 
  • Second startup - Medical Diagnostics (www.neuroequilibrium.in
  • Innovation- simple solutions for complex problems 
  • MVP in Medtech 
  • Marketing where no market exists 
  • Early Pivot - identifying the actual problem 
  • Agile development in hardware & software 
  • Machine learning / AI in MedTech

Learning Outcome

  • Importance of Lean Product Discovery
  • How it can be applied in MedTech space both for Hardware and Software Development

Target Audience

Entrepreneur, Intrepreneur, Product Managers


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